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Frequently Asked Questions

"What are the session times?" Monday 6pm-8pm (BST only), Saturday 9:45am-12pm (all year).

"What are the costs?" = Please see the "Become a member" link on the "About us" page on this site.

"Do I have to provide/hire a boat, or am I able to use a club boat?" = Some members have their own boats which are used exclusively by themselves, but all members have access and use of the clubs own boats and the use of these is covered by the membership (i.e. you don't pay extra to "hire" a boat).

"Do you have changing facilities?" = Yes. If you do a watersport such as rowing, you WILL get wet, even if you don't fall in. We have changing/shower/toilet facilties. Should you fall in when the weather is cold, a hot shower and change into warm dry clothes is VERY welcome.

"Do I need special equipment?" = No. All equipment required (i.e. boats & oars) are provided by the club.

"Do I have to have a club kit/uniform?" = No. If you represent the club at competitions, then the event organisers will require that all members of a boats crew wear the same kit, so in this case having "Club kit" is great. Even if you don't have "club kit", then as long as all members of that competing boat crew are wearing the same colours (e.g. all wearing navy blue shorts and white tee-shirt) this is acceptable to the event organisers.

"What SHOULD I wear?" = This needs to be a common sense approach. For example, don't wear jeans, thick jumpers etc (i.e. stuff that'll be very heavy should it get wet). Don't wear anything that would be ruined by getting wet. Wear layers that can easily be removed as you get hotter. In the winter, a wooly hat is a godsend, as are "running tights" etc. Bring a pair of wellies. BRING A SET OF DRY CLOTHES to change into should the worst happen.  If you'd like more info on the subject of what to wear, please speak to one of the experienced club members who'll be able to advise you accordingly.

More questions and answers will be added in due course.....

Our Addresses 

Where we row:



Cotswold Rowing Club,

Lake 32,

Spratsgate Lane,



All post to:



Cotswold Rowing Club,

Mulberry Cottage,

42 Perry Green, Charlton,


SN16 9DP

Session times:

The club holds sessions (for Members only) on 

*** Due to COVID-19, please contact the club for session times as these are subject to COVID-19 restrictions. ***


Please arrive 15 minutes before the session "start time", so that the boating plan can be done, to enable members to be on the water promptly at the start time.

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