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Weather & Lake Conditions

We take the health and safety of our members very seriously, and are keen to ensure that members do not row in weather or lake conditions that are unsafe or unsuitable for their experience level.

If we feel that it is unsafe to row a particular session, or that the road conditions (e.g. snow/ice) make travelling to/from the club unsafe, we will update our Facebook page accordingly - please also see our Facebook feed below.


Please bear in mind that sometimes we will not know the conditions in advance and will only find out when we arrive at the lake. In such a situation we will endeavour to post relevant notice at the lake.

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For your own safety and wellbeing... 


During the colder weather, it is imperative that if you come down to the club to row:-

  • You bring (and drink) plenty of fluids (not alcohol) to keep you hydrated. At the minimum, bring  a drinks bottle which can be refilled with water from our drinking tap.
  • You wear appropriate clothing for the weather (i.e. easy-to-remove layers), to keep you warm.
  • We'd strongly recommend you wear a woolly/beanie hat to keep your head warm. 
  • Bring a change of dry warm clothes so that if you do get wet, you have some dry warm clothes to change into once you are off the water.
  • Bring a flask of hot drink for once you are off the water. 
  • If at any time you feel faint/ill etc. whilst at the club, you raise the alarm and come off the water immediately. 


If we feel a member has not taken the necessary steps to safeguard their safety and wellbeing, Cotswold Rowing Club will prevent that member from rowing until they have satisifed these requirements. 

Our Addresses 

Where we row:



Cotswold Rowing Club,

Lake 32,

Spratsgate Lane,



All post to:



Cotswold Rowing Club,

Mulberry Cottage,

42 Perry Green, Charlton,


SN16 9DP

Session times:

The club holds sessions (for Members only) on 

*** Due to COVID-19, please contact the club for session times as these are subject to COVID-19 restrictions. ***


Please arrive 15 minutes before the session "start time", so that the boating plan can be done, to enable members to be on the water promptly at the start time.

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